About Asia Opinions

Asia represents a huge market opportunity for companies looking to expand into new markets or grow sales.

But at the same time, doing business in Asia is far from straight forward. Asia itself is a complex of different markets and cultures. Its sheer diversity and range is both an opportunity and a significant marketing challenge.
Market Research Asia
Asia Opinions provides direct access to Asian consumers.
We help organisations understand the opportunities and complexities of Asian markets.


We are not a market research agency in the traditional sense, but we provide a full range of market research resources to provide research on Asia, including sample provision, online surveys, research design and project management. Our Virtual Agency model provides flexible, expert and cost effective research resources.

Asia Online Surveys

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Asia Opinions specialise in online research services. We offer survey scripting solutions for conducting online surveys, and we provide direct access to consumer panels in Asia and other parts of the world. If you need to conduct an online survey in Asia, we can provide full support from sample only to full project execution.

Value Procurement

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We have established an extensive network of research providers, suppliers and market research consultants across Asia. Each have different skills and specialisms. We work with trusted partners who provide cost effective solutions. At the same time we are not tied to any single provider, and can, therefore, ensure best value procurement.

Asia Market Research

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The only way to understand Asian markets is to work with locally based research providers. Local providers = local insights. Here in the UK we utilise Research Associates who specialise in cross region Asian studies, and have a proven track record in designing, managing and executing research in Asia.