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Asian Markets

Doing Business in Asia

Asia is a mosaic of different markets, cultures, languages and market opportunities. In the popular mindset Asia is lumped together as one huge marketing opportunity, but this hides the reality of its differences and distinctiveness. From an economic perspective, it includes large but relatively mature markets like Japan, as well as large and fast growing markets such as China and India. But it also includes small and dynamic markets, like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. There are cultural similarities across the region, but also huge differences in terms of language and business culture.
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Overview of Asian Markets

Read our Country File overview of Asian Markets to get a quick view of key and emerging markets in Asia. Each country file provides basic facts and information covering the economy, currency, population, and spoken languages which are essential when planning any market research survey in Asia.

East Asia

Southeast Asia

South Asia

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Sri Lanka


Pacific Rim

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New Zealand