Mobile devices are leading the way for survey takers in Asia

With Smart phones and tablets being adopted at increasing rates in Asia, online surveys need to be designed to be not just compatible but user friendly for the respondents who prefer to answer surveys on mobile devices.
Singapore has one of the highest levels of smart phone adoption, even among the developed economies of Asia. A recent Nielson survey put smart phone adoption at 87%. That compares with 72% in the UK!

We have just completed a survey among our panel in Singapore to explore in more depth some of the issues around user experience and the extent to which online surveys need to be adapted to meet the needs of the mobile phone user.

How many panel respondents take surveys on smart phones? Our survey found that 9% say they take all the surveys via Opini and other research panels on a smart phone. But another 22% said they took most of their surveys on a smart phone. Another 40% said they take some surveys on a smart phone. Incidentally 33% were taking this survey about mobile phones on a smart phone!

Personally, I was surprised by the extent to which mobile devices are already having a huge impact on survey design. Its not the fact that almost 1 in 10 say they take all surveys on a mobile which is the interesting statistic. What’s really interesting is that 40% say they take some surveys on mobiles. The implication is that if your surveys are not optimised to be taken on a mobile you could be losing between 10% and 40% of the potential respondents!
The same survey showed that 95% of the respondents taking the survey on a smart phone (which had been designed in Surveygoo) felt it was very easy or quite easy to do on a smart phone.

This blog is adapted from a entry published on the Surveygoo blog.