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Market Research in Singapore

The success of the Singaporean economy against a small population results in it having one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. To many companies, Singapore is something of a hub market into the region but also an attractive market in its own right. We provide a full market research service to design and run online surveys in Singapore. We operate our own online panel in Singapore but also work with international panel companies and local providers of panels in Singapore. If you are looking for an online survey company to conduct market research in Singapore, Asia Opinions can help.
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Country File: Singapore

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The Economy

GDP: $251 billion
GDP per capita: $62,100
GDP by sector: Industry (26.8%);
Services (73.2%)
GDP Growth: 18% (2011)
Singapore has a highly developed economy, combining state ownership in some sectors with an open business environment. It enjoys stable prices, has averaged GDP growth consistently above 6% since 2007, and compared with other developed economies, has a low tax rate (of 14.2% of GDP). The success of the Singaporean economy against a small population results in Singapore having one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. The so called Singapore model combines free market enterprise with a planned economy. It has few resources but has a very significant level of exports, particularly in electronics, chemicals and services, and is the worlds fourth largest financial centre.

Its main trading partners in Asia are Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, US, Japan and South Korea. Total exports in 2010 were $358 billion and had imports of $310 billion.
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Urban Population: 5.0 million (98%)





Total: 5.18




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Languages & Ethnic Groups

Official Language: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil

English is the common language of business, government and education. However, English is the native language of fewer than one third of the population overall, with one of Singaporean Chinese, a quarter of Singaporean Malays, and half of Singaporean Indians speaking English as their native language. Twenty per cent of Singaporeans are illiterate in English. The official languages in terms of literacy are English (80%), Mandarin chinese (65%), Malay (17%) and Tamil (4%).
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Business & Consumer Culture

Apart from the widespread use of English in business, Western companies feel comfortable negotiating in Singapore because of a growing convergence of business customs and practices familiar to American and European multinational companies. The national culture continues to have much in common with traditional Asian values such as family, education and hard work, at the same time the fast moving business culture isn't just Western, but in a sense global.
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Market Research in Singapore

Currency: Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Smartphone ownership: 70%
Internet Users: 3.6 m (2010) (70%)
Homeownership: 88.6%
Car ownership: 10%

Online market research is increasingly being conducted in Singapore. Asia Opinions currently can access 5,000 online panellists directly and works with other panel partners. Surveys can be conducted in English, although Mandarin or Malay may also need to be used depending on the audience and subject.