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Surveygoo is Asia Opinions' proprietary survey tool. We developed the tool to provide another channel to conducting affordable online surveys. It features all the standard question types you would expect of a web based survey tool, as well as interactive question styles.

Great Looking Surveys

With a range of great looking theme designs, it also allows you to create interesting, engaging questionnaires to enhance response rates. It is designed to be used by both experienced researchers and non research specialists allowing users to take full control of their own surveys. If you are looking to script your own survey, Surveygoo provides an easy and affordable route.
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Direct Access to Online Panels
As well as being an easy to use tool, it provides direct access to more than 10 million panellists in 50 countries, including more than 3 million in Asia.

Access Online Panels in Asia through Surveygoo

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Surveygoo provides direct access to more than 40 countries, including the UK, USA, and Europe. The number and size of panels in Asia which can be accessed via Surveygoo is growing all the time. Currently we have direct coverage in 9 markets in Asia Pacific.
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New Zealand
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