The Way We Work

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Asia Opinions provides all the benefits of an experienced and well resourced market research agency, but without the big overheads.

We specialise in online survey design and management. We also operate a proprietary survey tool (Surveygoo) and a network of online panels (Opini). Our experience is conducting surveys across Asia, from the Philippines to China, from India to Malaysia and Australia. Using both in house resources and working with a myriad of local, independent partners who know their market.

What sets us apart, however, is the way we fulfill research briefs. We are a Virtual Agency. We work collaboratively with an extensive network of freelance associates, interviewers, moderators, panel companies and boutique agencies. We source appropriate vendors and build effective teams to manage projects, from small studies up to multi county and pan Asian projects. And its all done remotely.
Secondly, our flexible approach to resourcing projects is rooted in delivering expertise at best value. Its more than Outsourcing and its not about finding the cheapest supplier. Its what we call Smart Sourcing. Working with a mix of providers, and experienced, specialist consultants to resource a project appropriately and at competitive rates.